Welcome to AskMeAboutMyBooks.com where we highlight work from a selective group of new and established authors, bringing a taste of modern literature to readers, aspiring authors and those who are involved in the business, that may have otherwise have passed them by.

Started in 2011, Joanna Swank created this website for her books, but seeing the marketing power she opened it up to other authors in 2017.

It is exciting to see the number of titles in our collection steadily growing

At present, we represent the works of 3 authors and are eagerly anticipating an additional 8, who will be joining us over the coming months.

Each author is different, with their own story to tell, unique writing style and specific area of interest.  So, if you want to delve inside the pages of a Joanna Swank, Eva Lindke or Blanche Mae book, this is the ideal place to start.  Happy reading.

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Welcoming Jessica R Dreistadt

Jessica has joined our authors in sharing her amazing books related to activism, leadership, wellness, and social change. Mental illness is greatly misunderstood. It is distorted, feared, and hidden – often leading to shame, guilt, and exacerbated mental health symptoms. Whole Happy and Healthy: A Revolutionary Approach to Understanding and Thriving with Mental Illness challenges … Continue reading Welcoming Jessica R Dreistadt

Touching Book

Raking Light from Ashes (Kindle Edition) Another amazing book on the Holocaust. You would expect the experiences and views to be different author to author but they are not. They are painstakingly sad stories that make you question the world we came from.

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