Swank Legacy – Rebirth

For manly you know about my long stalled project Swank Legacy. Well thanks to some people smarter than me, my students at Camden County College, I have found the courage, strength and direction to begin again.

I am moving forward in a new direction and making the story about my journey of understanding and life lessons. I have exceedingly high hopes and a lot of lunches in the future dedicated to completing this first draft before classes restart in March. Feel free to check back here and click on the category Swank Legacy to learn anything new going on.

As I writing the historical family history I struggle with focus. Just last week my 2nd cousin brought me a new piece of information on our great grandmother that had me on ancestry digging around again. Though I want to know more about the mysterious Blanche Swank, This story is about Harry and Philip and I will try my best to keep go forward and staying focused.

I look forward to taking this journey with everyone and I hope you enjoy taking it with me.


Uncovering the Truth – Swank Legacy

It is sometimes hard to find the truth when doing genealogical research. Often a great assumption is all you can manage when it comes to genealogical research. That is where I am struggling with this manuscript. I have much information but I also have large gaps. It was where I struggled do I write the book as fiction or non-fiction. I am not sure which way to classify it. But I wrote the book from the true life experiences I encountered and then I supplemented it with my creative assumptions of what could have occurred.

All the supposition is just the filler. The murder happened as well as the abandonment. But there were some lost years with the children and there I had to add creative license.