Eva Lindke

About Eva Lindke

Eva Lindke is taking the Romance field by storm. Her novels fall into a category of their own, sultry. Her sultry novels are not as extensively graphic as erotic but hotter than what is normally considered steamy romance novels.
Eva is a unique mix of quiet restraint with a wild mind of romance and seduction. She is a unique individual who is turning out romance novels that are amazing and keep the reader on track.
The Pink Cove series is the Pinnacle of the sultry novel genre. It is a unique and racy private club where people either fear it or desire to be a part of it. The Pink Cove allows you to be free to experience your greatest desires without the fear of persecution for “normal” society.
Eva Lindke developed this genre out of a realization that a category of readers where not being reached. Now she is becoming more in demand and her readers can’t wait for the next installment of The Pink Cove clan to be released. Because of the genre Eva is somewhat of a recluse and only steps out from behind her computer or other devices for a few rare book appearances. But one look at Eva and you realize that she is as unique as her characters.
Eva loves to travel to new exotic locations but often favors those places surrounded by warm tropical water.
The Pink Cove – Volume 1
his sultry volume combines the previously published novels 11 Flamingo and 5 Flamingo.
11 FLAMINGO – The series starts with the provocative founder of The Pink Cove.
Sandra is a woman who has seen the disaster and destruction of the rich and famous. For many years it was her job to hide their secrets and make their troubles disappear. Tired of that life Sandra retires and begins her own scandalous life at The Pink Cove. Mitch is enchanted by a seductive woman he met in an internet chat room. After moving their interludes out of cyber space Mitch becomes more enchanted. Now he is ready to move the relationship onto the next phase. But will Sandra’s secrets keep Mitch from accepting the woman society scorns. A SULTRY SEDUCTIVE NOVEL
5 FLAMINGO – The second book in The Pink Cove series takes you on an adventure of a young woman battling a mistake from her youth or was it?
Lela finds herself in a legal and ethical battle from her youth. Some would see what she did as a crime and a disgrace. Lela see’s it as an act of art and self expression. As she battles the courts to clear her name she learns that hiding who she is, is the real crime. Mikah is a man whose sole purpose in life is to protect is client and friend Grant from the glaring eyes of the nosy public. But when he meets Grant’s sister his life takes on a new battle of protecting both of their secrets from intrusive reporters. Along the way he finds himself lost in Lela’s complicated world with no hopes of escaping it.